Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life Update in 10 sentences (or maybe 12)

1. WE GOT THE HOUSE! Waiting to close so we can move in!!

2. I applied for a Case Coordinator position with West Fork Services, which would mean I would have to leave the radio station, which is something I don't especially want to do, but for better money and using my degree it seems like a no brainer.


4. Wes lost the keys to his truck a month ago and still hasn't found them, I'm really wishing that "accio keys" would work right about now.

5. It's a mere 3 days before pay day and there is still money in BOTH my savings and checking accounts, I'm growing up... or something.

6. I made roasted brussel sprouts last week and LOVED them... my mom thinks I'm weird.

7. I am going to chop all (or most of) my hair tomorrow, it's time.

8. I need some tips on how to motivate myself to clean and pack... because I hate it. (Mommy where are you?)

9. I'm at that point in the year where I am kind of jealous of people who are physically capable of tanning... as Tori said yesterday when I walked into work with a skirt on, "Damn look at those white legs!"

10. Umm... opening day is NEXT WEEK. YAY BASEBALL!

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