Friday, March 16, 2012


We found a house... a pretty awesome house at that.  But I still had that gut wrenching I'm going to puke feeling every time I thought about BUYING said house.

Last weekend mom came to town to look at the house with me.  AND because my parents are sometimes occassionally always super awesome... my mom dropped the bomb that dad would be willing to purchase the house as an investment property and we could pay rent and if we so chose eventually purchase the house from my dad (you know when I'm old... like 30... and have my stupid credit cards paid off **UGH**).  So, dad decided he was going to the bank to discuss this on Monday.

Sunday came around... got a text at 10 am and dad was going to the ER.  Selfish terrible Bethany's first thought was "he won't be able to go to the bank." I'm a terrible person.  Well, dad was admitted to the hospital for an infection in his leg.  HOWEVER... my wonderful dad spent the time in his hospital bed getting things organized and arranged to put an offer on the house... from his hospital bed! 

The offer was submitted on Tuesday and we should find out sometime today if it was accepted... AHHH! I'm freaking out, I'm not a patient person anyways and this is not helping... fingers and toes are crossed.

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