Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid Week Slump for those of use in the working world.

Dear Katie Lou Cross and anyone else I know who is still in school and not working full time,
I do not like you and your silly 3 week long Christmas break!

I must admit that I am very jealous of those who enjoy a two to three week Christmas break, I haven't had one of those since my first year of college!  Alas I am trying to get myself into the Christmas spirit.  We had Christmas with my family on Sunday and it was nice to be home at the same time as my baby brother.  I don't think that has happened since... probably last Christmas.  I got to go to church with my parents on Sunday and was of course ambushed by everyone and their mother, "Bethany! What are you doing these days? Where do you live? *Insert other personal questions here*" It was nice.  I also got the BEST Christmas gift ever from my parents:-)

But I'm struggling to be in the Christmas spirit.  Maybe it's the lack of snow.  Maybe it's the fact that this is the first year of my life that Christmas Day will not be spent with my family (we're going to Cedar Falls to have Christmas with Wes's family).  But I thought I would try to do something to change that.  A list! I love lists.  And here is a list of my Christmas Favorites!

Bethany's Christmas FAVORITES!

Favorite Christmas Cookie - - Chocolate Crinkles
Favorite Christmas Movie - - White Christmas
Favorite Christmasy Drink - - Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks!

Favorite Christmas Song - - O Holy Night

Favorite Christmas Memory - - When I was in 1st grade my dad told my brother and I that Santa had been in the garage and left us a present.  We went out to the garage to find brand new sleds!  My parents took us to a sledding hill about 20 miles from our house that was right next to a skating rink.  My brother and I both sat on the sled and my dad gave us a big push from the top of the hill.  He must have pushed way to hard because we were going very fast straight towards the skating rink.  We cleared the 2 foot snow bank that surrounded the rink and were in the hair for what seemed like hours but was in reality mere seconds before we landed smack dab on the ice.  I started to cry and said that my butt hurt but my brother was so excited he kept screaming, "Do it again dad do it again!"
Merry Christmas!

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