Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Years Resolutions?

I am probably quoted somewhere as saying, "New Years Resolutions are simply setting you up for failure and they are a waste of time."  Yea I'm cynical... oh well.  Hey maybe that should be on my list of resolutions, to be less of a cynic... ha!

Anywho... 2011 kind of sucked.  It was my first year as a real bill-paying member of adult society and I learned one thing... I don't like being an adult!  I want to be an irresponsible college student forever!!!  Alas, this is apparently not something that one can do so I am a working contributing member of society with a buttload of student loan debt who refuses to buy brand name items at the grocery store because of said student loan debt.

I decided oh, yesterday, that 2012 is not allowed to suck as bad as 2011.  Did you hear that 2012... no sucking allowed.  So in my head I began to think, "Bethany just saying outloud '2012 you're not allowed to suck' is NOT going to work.  You have to do something, something BIG or something small... You have to do something to make things change."  And I found a legal pad and I began to make a list.  I love lists... During finals I always made multiple lists and they were color coordinated and wonderful and it kept me sane.  So I made a list of new years resolutions.  Then I decided I didn't like the word resolution.  I'm picky.  Trusty thesaurus... New Years....... AMBITIONS!  So... This is the list so far... I decided that I would include the per usual "go to the gym more" but I wanted my list of ambitions to be well rounded so it includes things about my health, finances, and overall well being!

New Years Ambitions 2012
  • Start blogging (hey... I always put things on my lists I'll definitely do makes me feel good)
  • Do yoga at least twice per week (I bought a yoga dvd and set a few months ago and haven't been very good at using it... this will change)
  • Go to the Rec Center where I'm PAYING for a membership at least twice per week
  • Work on meal planning
  • Try new foods (When Wes and I went to Cedar Falls for Thanksgiving we went out for Thai food with his parents and I really liked it!)
  • Read one book per week (If I get the Kindle Fire I asked for this Christmas this one will be a breeze!)
  • Pay off one credit card completely before the end of the year
  • Have $500 in savings and LEAVE IT ALONE!
So there we go... my ambitions for 2012.  Mind you I'm also starting a second job so some of these might be a real challenge... though the second job will help out with the financial goals!

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