Tuesday, January 17, 2012

78 out of 168...

**Beware, I did math**
This is my first week where I'm working my full weekend shift at West Fork Services.  That means I am working 78 hours this week. (And I won't have another day off until Saturday January 27th :-() But there is 168 hours in a week so that still leaves me 90 hours that I won't be working.  BUT... if I sleep 8 hours a night that takes away another 56... leaving me with 34 hours of non committed time this week.  Math is giving me a headache, but let's just say come Monday night when I get off work at 5 pm... I will probably be tired, grouchy, and maybe not very nice!
When I was in college I worked 3 jobs, had a rather active (cough at the bar at least 3 times a week cough) social life and took 18 credit hours and seemed to manage it fine.  Now I go to bed at 9 pm almost every night.  I think I'm getting old!

Another thing that I'm not so much looking forward to this weekend is packing both a lunch and a dinner for Saturday and Sunday.  I think I need to go to the store and pick up some travel worthy foods... But I did get a lunch box the other day and have a set of 16 lids and containers waiting to be picked up at the Post Office (Got a 32 piece Lock & Lock set from Woot for 20 bucks, score!).  Hopefully it won't be as difficult as I'm anticipating!

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