Monday, January 9, 2012

Cakes and pills...


Backstory: I'm a moron crazy person and agreed when my brother got engaged this summer to make his and his fiance's wedding cake.  I have found many ideas but have yet to get them to agree on anything.  I made a test cake that they did not like and I'm starting to get really frustrated and wishing that I would not have made this offer.  BUT this weekend I pulled up my pinterest account (I love you pinterest) and showed Ashley a picture I had found of a wedding cake made of cupcakes.  She liked it!  WOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So now I'm looking for cupcake towers and trying to decide between cardboard and pvc (obviously cardboard is cheaper but will it look tacky? I can always decorate it with ribbon, paper, etc right?).  I also got myself tied into even more work by proclaiming that it would be an excellent idea to make cake pop centerpieces... Crazy person.

In other news... One of the super fun aspects of my fibro is that I struggle to get a good night's sleep.  I can usually fall asleep okay but I wake up all the time and I really don't feel rested in the morning.  Mom and I went to GNC this weekend and I got some melatonin.  On Saturday night I went to bed at 11 pm and did not wake up ONCE until Sunday at 7 am.  WONDERFUL!  I'm doing some research to see if this is habit forming and figuring out how careful I need to be about it... But I'm pretty psyched that I might actually get some good sleep with it! 

I also went to Trader Joe's for the first time this weekend and bought some almond butter which is FANTASTIC!  And I plan to go buy some celery to put it on today:-)  Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

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